ALL SHREDDING CORP. (A.S.C.) is a full-service document destruction company offering off-site and on-site shredding services along with shredder rentals, sales, service, and maintenance.

We specialize in Document Destruction and Recycling Programs.


  • Off-site document destruction
  • On-site document destruction
  • All types of materials -- paper, CD's, diskettes, microfiche/film, etc.
  • Pre-scheduled pick-up times
  • Lockable security bins which can remain on-site until filled
  • Bonded and insured drivers and trucks
  • Certificate of Destruction
  • Shredder sales, service, rentals, and maintenance

  • We service the GREATER NEW YORK CITY AREA and will provide a site survey or price quote on all requests within 24 hours.

    Your time is valuable . . .
    . . . not only to you but to your company. Why waste time on a tedious project like shredding documents?

    By utilizing ALL SHREDDING CORP.'s services, you and your company will save time, money, and energy all the while ensuring that your confidential matter is destroyed.

    From our main office in Downtown Manhattan, a salesperson can visit to determine what a particular job entails. We can price-quote on the spot or in writing.

    Our shredding facility is in New Jersey and all paper material which is shredded gets sent to a paper recycler, thereby being an environmentally sound option.

    All destruction is witnessed by a company principal and takes place within 12 hours of the pick-up.

    At ALL SHREDDING CORP. we give you peace of mind.

    Call GLENN or MIKE at (212)-344-1010 today.