Rent or buy a shredder

Rent a shredder or buy a shredder?

Rent a shredder or buy a shredder?


Renting or buying a shredder is likely not the first thing a customer thinks of when looking for shredding services. However, these are options you should probably consider since they can be a more likely option for you. This article will show you the differences between renting and buying.


Why renting?

So when do you rent a shredder? There are a some matters you have to take into account when it comes to renting a shredder.

Amount of paper

First of all: how much paper needs to be shredded? Since paper shredders come in many different shapes and sizes, it is sometimes hard to choose the right one that fits your needs. Make sure that the maximum capacity of the shredder fits your shredding needs.


With regards to the reliability: make sure the machine you are renting is reliable. An easy way to do so is finding (good) reviews about that particular shredder.


Delivery is often overlooked by customers. However, make sure you take delivery into account as well! Depending on your location, delivery will bring extra charges to your quote. Also, if your building does not have an elevator or loading dock.


Of some importance is the total cost of the shredder, i.e. rental transportation, time invested, etc. Compare the price of renting with other shredding services in order to see which one is economically most attractive to you. Make sure you compare the complete price, and not only the rental charges.

So why buy a shredder?

Rent or Buy a shredder?

Good question! The answer is very simple: if your short term rental turns into a long term project and the costs of renting the shredder exceeds the costs of buying it. In this case, make sure you discuss the possibility of buying the shredder instead of renting it.



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